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15 reports about 571-441-0164

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Hmm... 19th Apr, 2013+0
I received a recorded call from this number. Some kind of telemarketer telling me that my warranty on my car may be about to expire. I just hung up! Still cost me 1 minute! Jerks!
cbase 25th Jan, 2013+0
Called my cell phone a couple of days in a row. Once I pushed 2 to be removed; once I pushed 1 to talk to someone but no response, so I wasn't able to get any more information than previous reporters to this site.
gongo 18th Jan, 2013+0
keeps calling leaves no msg over and over
porknut 5th Jan, 2013+0
Calls multiple times a day over the past week. One couple call was at 2:00 in the morning. Spanish speaking man.
COMCAST 1st Jan, 2013+0
latest in a string of "debt collection" numbers that have continued to call regarding people we have never heard of/never lived in this house/etc! Have tried to contact about incorrect number, but no luck!
RT 9th Nov, 2012+0
they are calling me to and i have been reporting them to the police
Rosalinda 22nd May, 2012+0
calls a lot
the handyman 16th May, 2012+0
Got a call from these people, then right after they phoned my house. Didn't answer the cell though.
zbrat69 20th Apr, 2012+0
They called then i called back and said this number cant be called the way it was deailed.
drd 11th Mar, 2012+0
Got a call from this place and hit 1 to talk to a person and said for the 100th time stop calling me. The guy got mad and starting yelling at me saying do you even know why we're calling? I said no. He said you have 3 credit cards that you pay on time and pay more then the minimum amount right? I said yes. He said we'll lower the interest rate to 9.99%. So he said I need you start with the credit card that begins with a 4 read me the middle numbers. I said no I'm not giving you my numbers. In a stern voice he said look we can't do nothing without the 3 digit number on the back and we're not asking for your mother's maiden name. I said no there's too much credit card fraud going around. After telling him no three times. He said you know something you're a dumb guy. I said I'd rather be a dumb guy and keep my good credit card record. He hung up. Call my three credit card companies and go new cards with new numbers.
canykid 16th Dec, 2011+0
This is a premium text message service that I unknowning signed up for thinking it was part of a job site I was using. Verizon is of no help in this issue. According to Verizon the only way to stop this is to text message stop the next time a text is received from this number. Your bill will be charged $9.95 every time you receive this text message. Why Verizon can't block this number from my phone is beyond me. Why there is no one to call to put a stop to this is also beyond me.
mouse 8th Nov, 2011+0
No voicemail let, when calling back cannot leave message
Seth 27th Sep, 2011+0
? who is this person
Gloria 5th Aug, 2011+0
calls at all hours and does not leave message or speak
Orian 25th Jul, 2011+0
always calls in the early morning..

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